Our Partners

The Kenya Red Cross Society has carried out invaluable work in Kenya since 1965. The Kenya Red Cross Society Act of 1965, Cap 256 of the Laws of Kenya legally transformed the Kenyan branch of the British Red Cross into the Kenya Red Cross Society.

Since then KRCS has remained the biggest humanitarian activities’ player in Kenya and is mandated with the responsibility of assisting the Kenyan Government to carry out humanitarian work in times of peace or conflict, and during natural disasters such as drought, famine and floods. Kenya has truly seen more than its fair share of all of these.

KRCS had always relied one hundred percent on charitable contributions. In 2008, looking for new and sustainable sources of income, KRCS opened the Red Court Hotel, a three-star property in Nairobi offering accommodation and conference facilities, with profits going directly to fund the humanitarian work.

The hotel was a success, becoming popular with professionals involved in the humanitarian relief sector, and with business and leisure travelers from the world over, hereby providing the much-needed source of extra revenue.

Red Court Hotel hazily dawned when KRCS recognized its training sessions and accommodation needs and developed and built the Disaster Management Training Centre. Requests to use the facility by corporate neighbours started streaming in and over time, demand for accommodation rose.

Gradually, KRCS thought it could leverage its assets, including networks for profit activities that still met its organizational objectives. Later, plans evolved to run the centre as a business unit and quietly Red Court Hotel was born.

The 58-room Red Court Hotel first become popular with professionals involved in the humanitarian relief sector, then business and leisure travellers caught the buzz. 

Red Court Hotel rewards for successes premiered the decision to invest in The Boma Hotel which is bigger, classier and contemporary. The Boma Nairobi meanwhile by design has smaller meeting rooms and boardrooms targeting top tier business and leisure travellers. 

Hospitality has now become a new front in the fight against human suffering. The Boma Nairobi takes this new concept to the next level. A luxury deluxe hotel with an adjoining conference centre offering world class hospitality, once again having every penny of profit funding the KRCS’s humanitarian work. This is ‘hospitality with a conscience ’. Guests at The Boma Hotels can eat well, drink well and at day’s end sleep well, knowing that they are supporting a worthy cause.